Friday, January 25, 2008

unexpected treasures

I know I've complained (commented) on some people's inability to say anything constructive, positive or encouraging to pregnant women.
Today, I'm encouraged by some other people's ability to communicate such excitement, passion & awe about the process that is motherhood.
I *love* talking to people who look at things from a positive, growing, purposeful perspective. (I don't always do it myself, but I try, and am drawn to this quality in others). I just had a lovely conversation with a co-worker in the College of Business (she has 3 kids, aged 21 to 8). Her eyes were alight, and her genuine excitement for me was such a blessing.
Thanks, Lord. I needed that today. :)

2 thoughts:

Mary C said...

Isn't odd how some people just simply cannot help themselves from commenting on size (you're too big/ you're too small) to people telling you WAY more than you wanted to know about their birthing experience (especially to a first-time mom!)?

I received the most bizarre comments at church, of all places!

I'm glad you had a positive experience today. Hopefully, they'll only get better from here on out!

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! Mind if I add you to mine? :)

Anonymous said...

Katie i can't beleive your down to just days before this wonder will come out so you can hold it and cuddle it. i hope you put lots of pictures on your blog when it comes. By the way do you have any names picked out?