Tuesday, February 05, 2008

i take it back

Okay - so staying at home when nesting instincts are in FULL SWING is not so easy as it sounds.
By 5:00pm yesterday I was wiped out - but back into full gear by 8:30 or so, and not in bed until after 11:00pm (a bedtime I haven't seen voluntarily in months).
The only thing I didn't get done off my checklist yesterday is the desktop computer thing - but that's really out of my hands at the moment (I'm waiting on a boot disk that is crucial to my progress).
Today - I'll probably finish up my pre-baby meal preparation (yesterday I did chicken & pork, today is beef) and maybe visit a friend whose littlest one (she has four boys!!) is about 2.5 weeks old, maybe run a couple of errands... what with the arrival of Baby B a possibility any ol' time, there are just a couple of things I really ought to have.
Funny Story of the Day (well, yesterday):
Katie's shopping in Meijer, minding her own business... friendly man in the garbage bag aisle smiles at her and says, "So, are you due TOMORROW?"
Same trip, in the checkout line. Different friendly man pulls his cart up behind Katie in line, smiles at her and says, "Man, I've been there."
I guess it was the Day of Men Saying Harmless But Inane Things to Strangers. At least they all smiled at me first. :)

3 thoughts:

Julie said...

The old men at Meijer are my favorite! I love their one liners. Maggie always makes them smile. Home Depot is another great place for them.

Mark and Courtney said...

I have to confess, I'm a little curious about the one who said he'd been there! ROFL

Dana said...

i love Day of Men Saying Harmless But Inane Things to Strangers Day.

how do you make freezer meals? maybe i could want to do that. let me know:)

hope to see you soon!