Tuesday, June 24, 2008

... gathers no moss

Well, folks... it's happened. Baby B is mobile, agile, hostile (Well, not really agile or hostile, but I'll give a 4-year-old Tootsie Pop to the first person who knows what movie that line is from!)
The baby, she is a'rolling.
She's been scooting around for weeks and weeks - she has turned herself 180 degrees in her crib, and traversed from one end to the other. But until last Wednesday, she hadn't managed to roll over.
To set the stage:
At my parents' house, Hazel sleeps in a doctored-up, comfy pack&play in an upstairs bedroom. I sleep downstairs with the baby monitor nearby. Sometimes this arrangement works well, sometimes not. But early Wednesday morning (I'm guessing about 4:30am) I heard a shriek/squeal through the monitor, followed by some lovely baby chatter. A little odd - usually if Hazey's gonna be vocal when she wakes up, it's slightly more distressed than that. I climbed the stairs quickly to try to keep her from waking up my sister and entered "her" room to find her on her back. (If you've been reading awhile, you know I am a Bad Mommy who puts her daughter to sleep on her tummy) She was grinning and just oh-so-proud of herself.
Since then, almost every time I went in to get her up from (naptime or nighttime) - I'd find the little monkey all flipped over. And I've gotten to watch her do it 2 or 3 times too - it just may be the cutest thing I've ever seen.
Now we'll just have to see if a rolling baby gathers any moss.

4 thoughts:

Dana said...

remember the titans?

and if i'm right, no thanks on the 4 year old tootsy pop. maybe a $4 coffee? a 4 year old bottle of wine?


Chris said...

shoot dana beat me to it. it's obviously from the scene in summer training camp. maybe dana's rss feed works faster than mine

Tiffany said...

awww... shes growing up so fast!! Make sure you get lots and lots of pictures!!!

Kaycee said...

Madison rolled over for the first time last week Thursday, what day did Hazel do it? Maybe they did it the same day?? :) (and nope, no fluke she's just a bit early - she's done it at least 10 times since!)