Thursday, August 14, 2008

how to tell if the hazelnut is awake in her bed

And other tips and tricks for hanging out with my (almost) 6-month-old daughter.

The Hazelnut is a vocal gal - she's usually talking in her bed when she wakes up. But even if she lost her voice, you'd still know she's up by the steady thump-thump-thump of her bitty little feet pouding the mattress as she lays on her back and flails happily away. Honestly - the thumping is usually how I know she's up.
And the adorable popping noise of her baby hiccups.

If you're not her Mama or her Daddy, chances are HIGH that the Hazelnut will cry if you pick her up. Try not to be offended... she's just a little unsure right now. With time, a little space, and a relaxed environment, she will warm up. In the meantime, she does love to smile at people and giggles a LOT - so you can feel free to chat her up and play all you like... as long as Mama or Daddy is doing the holding. (One failproof way to get her to smile: Say her full name as though you're the sports announcer for the Chicago Bulls... Haaaazzelll Mmmmaaaaarrynnnn Buuuurleeeeeeeey!! She loves it!)

If you dress the Hazelnut in cute pink bootcut jeans, you may want to cry over the cuteness of it all. And the fact that she looks like such a teensy little Big Girl.

The Hazelnut is fast and strong - do not be fooled by the sweet, soft chubby hands... they are death-grip pincers that will rip the flesh from your bones, the lips off your face and the hairs from your head if given the chance. And if you leave the Hazelnut playing in the middle of the living room floor and come back 15 seconds later - she's probably under her swing, under the couch or at the top of the stairs... so for Heaven's sake - don't be gone for 16 seconds. Who knows what might happen!

Growing up is tough work, and due to the arrival of teeth in the Hazelnut's little mouth, she's been a bit out of sorts the past couple days. Please look past the drooling, fussing, gnawing and biting and enjoy the sweet, happy little critter underneath it all.

And above all - don't blink. The Hazelnut will suddenly be 6 months old if you turn around, and you'll find yourself struggling to remember what it was like when she was a wrinkly little newborn nut. (And let's be honest - being just a little bit glad that you can't really remember those days...)

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Tiffany said...

You know a really cool thing about blogging is that one day Hazel will get to read these entries and see all the cool things that went on in a day.

Thank you for the comment. We are very excited and cant wait to be parents. I pray it all goes smoothly too!