Thursday, February 26, 2009

worker bees

It's been a busy week. My family (parents, sister, brother & sister-in-law) are coming into town from IL this weekend to have a great big shebang for the BabyNut's first birthday. And my dad's birthday, sister-in-law's birthday, and hubby's birthday - which all fall within 2.5 weeks of each other. Phew!

I have been cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, organizing, straightening, scrubbing, wiping, grocery shopping, folding and putting toys away again and again and again.

And I think we're ready.

This blog will be a little quiet (big shock from the past week, I know!) for the next few days, but I promise to try very hard to not neglect my three or four faithful readers after that.

Have a lovely weekend - enjoy yourself and remember to find joys in the small moments!!

6 thoughts:

Sarah Halter said...

Have fun with your family!! Doesn't it feel good to have your house all clean?

Kaycee said...

Your house sounds all sparkly! I wish my house was that clean right now. :) I hope the BIIIIIG Birthday party is lots of fun!!

lauren michelle said...
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lauren michelle said...


his wife, their mama said...

I know housework with a wee one, especially the putting toys away again and again and again, is NEVER an easy feat so good for you! I'm wishing you all a splendid weekend and loads of fun!

Julie said...

I hope you have a great time!