Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my new favorites...

Anyone who has seen our garage in the past two years can testify that it was a veritable treasure trove and wasteland - all rolled into one.

It was packed with semi-random things anyway... and then we decided to finish the basement, which meant that EVERYTHING in our rather full basement was relocated to the garage... in not-so-neat stacks and piles.

That was Summer of 2007.

I am proud to announce that my husband worked CRAZY hard yesterday, and it is now a thing of beauty... there are still a few items that we need to give away/get rid of - but BOTH cars are able to park INSIDE the garage at the moment.

Folks, you have no idea how huge that is.

That is ONE of my new favorite things.

The other is a result of the organized garage - the 2 cardboard boxes full of textbooks from graduate school were located, and I spent an hour or so last night listing them all on Amazon.com, hoping to get a couple bucks out of the process.

In the past 18 or so hours, I've sold 5 of them (!!) for a total of somewhere around $70. Given that they were sitting around gathering dust, I'd call that a terrific little profit.

I've never sold books on Amazon before, but I'm quickly becoming a convert - especially when you don't particularly care about the $$ at all - you just want to get rid of a book that was taking up space, and ANY money you get is more than you had.

Amazon.com certainly isn't a NEW favorite of mine... but selling things is!

2 thoughts:

Meredith said...

yay...so exciting that both your cars can fit in the garage now. i know how long that's been a goal of yours. way to go mark!

by the way, let me know if there's ever anything i can do to help you guys out. love you and miss you all!

Phoenix Rising said...

So cool about amazon. Do they take money away from the sale of your stuff? I've been thinking about putting a few things on. It's either that or ebay. Let me know what you think.

And congrats on the cleaning. I always love it when things get cleaned out!