Friday, May 08, 2009

in which I attempt to find glimmers of my "former" self

The title really should read "So I started making a concentrated effort to get back into some of my hobbies in my free time..." It just sounds more dramatic to say it that way. So I did.

At any rate - here's a few of the things I did this week:

Made granola in my crockpot (it smells fabulous and tastes great too - way WAY cheaper than buying granola at the store!)

We all went to the park for a picnic dinner and playtime in the sand - fabulous fun!

Made Hazel a skirt from a sheet that used to belong to her Aunt.

Made Hazel a fleece diaper cover (worked out great, definitely going to make more of these - for Hazel and for BabyMon**)

Been reading a great book about God's design for motherhood - really loving it and feeling affirmed and convicted about my role and my decisions as a Mama.

It was a fun week - very good to get back to some things that I've been missing!!

**BabyMon is the official silly name for the littlest B - it's my family's way of making things sound French (like absolutMON means absolutely). It's a joke (that is funny to us) where we add "mon" to the ends of words when it doesn't make any sense. So when you read "BabyMon" on my blog, be sure to read it with a French accent in your mind. Otherwise it's just plain goofy.

3 thoughts:

his wife, their mama said...

What's the book? I'd sure love to check it out. Have a great Mother's Day weekend with your family!

Julie said...

French... really? Is it ok if I say it with a Jamaican accent instead?

Lovely skirt! Great job! And the diaper covers look so cozy!

Kaycee said...

That skirt is SO cute! Of course the girl wearing it only adds to the adorable! :)

I always have admired you for being able to make all sorts of great stuff. How fun to see clothes you made on your little girl! :)

Granola? In a crockpot? I am intrigued! I have never heard of that! (hint: post recipe? Email recipe? I am almost out of glass cleaner so I can try that recipe you sent me forever ago!)