Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The world according to the Nut

My daughter chats up a storm these days. Here's a little insight into our world:

"Ahm-plimp" means armpit - and that she's headed to the master bathroom to find Mama's deodorant and try to apply it to her own underarms. Over her shirt. I think 21 months is a wee bit too young to be worried about B.O., but there you have it. If you see my daughter walking around with white deodorant stains on her shirt - that's why.

"Put down Maisy" This one is obvious. It's not malicious or angry... just a simple request that I put Meriel down and re-focus my attention where it clearly belongs. On Hazel.

"Nudie Tootie" Thanks to Mike and Kristen for this one... their little guys used to run around, buck nekkid and crying "Nudie tootie, nudie tootie!" Now Haze does it.

"Getta pinky" Pinky is her blanket. This usually precedes her climbing the stairs to retrieve Pinky from her crib.

"Show Mama" basically is "look at me!!" It gets repeated until I comply.

"Lanka you" is Thank you... and she says it situations where I would usually say it to her (she brings me something and says Lanka you)

She has most of her books memorized now, and will fill in the blanks if you leave holes in the story. She even does a dramatic reenactment once in awhile.

"Hi" and "Hallo" are heard a lot as well. So are "Tocolatey Mik" and "Tocolate tips." Go figure.

Meriel loves to smile, squeal, babble and drool. She's an incredibly sweet girl, mostly very laid back and happy. I can't wait to hear what she'll be saying this time next year.

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